The Tambourine Girls reveal long awaited third studio album Different Streets

Following on from the release of their emphatic single ‘Plastic Eyes’ in January, Sydney group The Tambourine Girls unveil a stunning new collection of material in their third full-length record, Different Streets

Fusing together a gorgeous blend of sonic influences that highlight the diverse threads of musicianship within the band, Different Streets marks not only a return to form for the band, but the start of an exciting new chapter for The Tambourine Girls moving forward into 2023.

A mixture of emotions provide the undercurrent of Different Streets. For The Tambourine Girls, the process marked their final collaboration with the late Nick Weaver – not just a treasured member of the group, but a loved member of the wider Australian music community.

 In a way, Different Streets stands as a time capsule of the band’s final sessions with Weaver, before he passed away after a brief battle with an aggressive form of cancer in 2021.

His imprint on the record remains – the beauty found within some of the musical and songwriting nuances stands strong as The Tambourine Girls found their way through the creative process without his physical presence.

Lead single, ‘You Know How To Bring Me Down’, proved to be the most difficult of the tracks to record, but has wound up being one of the most arresting moments on Different Streets. Thematically, Different Streets explores emotional complexities with sensitivity; the ins and outs of relationships and love; the human condition as a whole.

“This album has ended up representing both our finest achievements as a band and our greatest heartbreak. With our worlds turned upside down, the album froze for over a year while we grieved our best friend and tried to comprehend whether we could go on playing music without him, and what that would look like. 

With the help of our extremely talented and caring friends (Simon Berckelman, Antonia Gauci, Chloe Dadd, Tony Buchen and Nick Franklin), we were able to finish the record and create a body of work that was simultaneously the best music we ever made with Nick, as well as a tribute to him.”  THE TAMBOURINE GIRLS

Throughout the album, the listener gets to know The Tambourine Girls that extra bit better; refusing to play within genre guidelines, the band brings together riffs, melodies and hooks that could feel as comfortable on an album by The Cure, as they would records by The Band and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers


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