beehive digital: Tik Tok, Shorts and Mercedes! 

Liz, our head of Digital Marketing and Social Strategy, breaks down three key updates happening in the digital world right now and offers some tips on how you can keep your own buzz strong! There are so many updates and changes it’s often hard to keep track of – so this quick roundup is perfect reading length to length to get the buzz.

TikTok Cares About Your Wellbeing!

We’ve surely all seen the frightening video doing the rounds with proof that our genetics have been ‘mutating’ over the last 20 years as technology takes over. Pure terror!

TikTok is yet again at the forefront of social media evolution, introducing screen time limits for all account holders under the age of 18, limiting use to 60 minutes per day.

When an account is part of family pairing, a guardian can ensure their child doesn’t receive notifications after 9pm (coming from someone who has notifications turned off from 6pm, I feel 9pm is still far too lenient but we’re evolving and it’s progress!). Tip: iPhone users can head to settings > screen time > app limits to turn on daily limits for each app ;). 

Mercedes has entered the TikTok chat… 

We’re not sure why they felt this a necessary integration, but Mercedes have partnered with TikTok, making the social media platform accessible via its in-car touchscreen. This – for reasons far beyond comprehensible – allows the driver and passengers to scroll their feeds.

I mean, sure, we’ve all taken a cheeky scroll on the toilet before… but in the car? It’s a hard no from us. They have, however, signed a deal with Google to upgrade its navigation system and THAT is a big YES from us! 

Reels, TikTok or YouTube Shorts? 

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! YouTube is the OG of user generated content, but over the last 5 years with the rise of Snpachat, Reels + TikTok, it’s fallen a little into the Tumblr and Facebook corner of the social media house party.

After a long hard look in the mirror and a makeover, YouTube is back in a big way! If you’re not using YouTube Shorts, you’re missin’ out! YouTube are putting a lot of time and money into developing the Shorts platform, so get in now while it’s bubbling and reap the rewards! Basically, if you make a TikTok, post it on Reels + Shorts and you’ll be ticking all the big boxes.

Tip: Always use an external video editor such as CapCut, save from there and post. Having TikTok logos on other platforms makes the algorithm angry.