hot on the press

A key part of any tailored editorial publicity campaign is a great way to generate traction for your release or tour, connecting with outlets both in online and print form is a core pillar to PR across the board. 

Our editorial campaigns encompass a multi-tiered approach to servicing your release to Australian editors, journalists and tastemakers. We take into account the type of artist you are and importantly, the type of audience you want to be connected with.

We then conceptualise an approach that will best fit you and your release, and deliver strategies that connect the dots; getting your music in front of top-tier national online outlets, broadsheet newspapers, tastemaker music publications and independent music media.

how it works

We create bespoke press releases and curated artist content ideas, that are then pitched to an extensive network of outlets for editorial press publicity.

Through our years of working in Australian music media, beehive has maintained strong relationships with influential publications including Rolling Stone Australia, Music Feeds, Happy Magazine, ToneDeaf and The Music. Through the cultivation of ongoing support via dedicated independent voices at publications including the AU Review, AAA Backstage, Scenestr and Pilerats, we have also been able to amplify and cement the status of our roster – from developing into established artists.

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