getting on the airwaves

Radio airplay is an accessible goal for any artist to achieve, though it can sometimes be daunting when thinking about just how to go about; engaging with radio programmers and presenters.

What does it actually mean to have your music on radio, to land that first interview? And more importantly, what exactly does ‘radio plugging’ entail?

Well, that’s where beehive can come in and help!

how it works

Our radio plugging process includes frequent pitching to community radio and commercial radio stations including 2SER, FBi Radio, 3RRR, PBS, 4ZZZ, Radio Adelaide, RTR FM, NOVA, KIIS and Hit networks.

As well as this direct to programmer approach, we also upload your music to AMRAP – the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project. This means that your new release will be accessible for airplay on hundreds of community radio stations nationwide; a handy additional weapon to have on side to bolster our personalised email and phone pitching.

When you engage us for radio servicing – “radio plugging” as it’s also called – you’re receiving a service that ensures your music is taking into major national radio stations, as well as an extensive network of Australian community radio too.

beehive maintains long-standing relationships with music teams at the ABC (Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed; as well as ABC Local and Radio National), as well as commercial and community radio programmers right across the country.

Radio plugging isn’t simply a one and done email pitch.

We take this service very seriously as a tool establish a long standing relationship, not just between beehive and the radio programmer, but for you as an artist and the radio network.

Whether it’s landing interviews, album or record of the week spots, station rotation, or feature placements like Triple J’s Like A Version segment, as Psychedelic Porn Crumpets did so brilliantly in 2021, beehive goes above and beyond to make sure your music and brand is in front of the right directors, presenters and music teams.

some of our artists who have enjoyed extended radio success include…

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