Romanie unveils her new dreamy indie-pop single ‘Fake Friends’

Melbourne based Romanie releases her delicate, yet potent new single ‘Fake Friends’.

Produced by James Seymour (Feelds, Merpire) from Small Time Group and mastered by Isaac Barter in Brunswick, the track showcases Romanie’s vivid and flawless vocals where she reflects on the negative aspects that friendship sometimes encompasses.

The video for ‘Fake Friends’, which could be described as an ode to Melbourne post lockdown, is a collaboration with her friends Brayden Alden and Malachy Cole from Red Cloud Films

The idea to use yellow roses in the video symbolising friendship was suggested by Malachy Cole and Romanie handed them out to strangers hoping they would become her friends. 

“Every ‘stranger’ you see in the clip, is also a friend of mine. We wanted to show a very positive and bright person going into the big city with high hopes to find friends, but this person would soon learn it’s not as easy as expected to find true friends. The closer we get into the city, the darker the mood gets and typically Melbourne it of course started to rain as soon as we crossed the William Barak Bridge.” Romanie