Corduroy Spaceship reveals striking sophomore EP, Life In Hollywood

Two years on from his impactful debut EP Custard Gumboot, Melbourne’s Corduroy Spaceship returns to deliver its stunning follow on record: Life In Hollywood

His most defining work to date, Life In Hollywood is an EP that finds strength in its musical complexities and use of different shades and tone.

A significant step forward from his Custard Gumboot era, Corduroy Spaceship broadens his horizons with Life In Hollywood, breaking new ground for the artist as a songwriter and performer.

Across its five tracks, the musician and producer is at a new creative peak, demonstrating the material that speaks to the type of artist he has been flourishing into over the past three years. Confident, curious and completely in touch with a wide range of sonic influences.

 The EP features previous singles including ‘I Don’t Cry’ from earlier this year and the more recent ‘She Wants You (I Don’t Know Why)’, and with ‘Homage #1 Part 1’‘Homage #1 Part 2’ and the EP’s title track, Corduroy Spaceship further introduces himself to newcomers while realigning his sonic identity for long time followers.

Comparisons to Tame Impala and Methyl Ethel aside, the sort of music Corduroy Spaceship has been making exists within this sun-kissed psych realm, but with his own vibrancy added, we’re getting an insight into his own approach to instrumentation – the craft of music itself.

Writing and recording the EP in Melbourne, Corduroy Spaceship took the opportunity to delve into the technical side of the process and learned a lot throughout the process.

“This process can be quite a lonely one when working by yourself. There is no one to bounce ideas off or gain some kind of confidence from, which I find creates a never ending loop with no feedback. You end up recording each part a thousand times thinking you can make it better, but the reality is the first or second take is usually the best.

I gained an abundance of new recording gear through the 18 months it took to finish the EP, so as I added to my arsenal of gear the sounds developed and evolved. You can hear this throughout the record, especially in the vocals.”
Corduroy Spaceship