Sydney indie pop artist Astrals releases new dreamy single ‘Infinity Room’

Sydney songwriter and performer Astrals (Claire Simpson), creates soundscapes that twist and swirl.

Today she delivers an indie pop tune ‘Infinity Room’ that fuses 90’s inspired guitars with her dreamy vocals, and lyrics that ruminate on her future and the idea of success by a certain age.

Astrals enlisted an all girl posse “it was nice to pretend my 16 year old self’s dream of an all girl band came true for a bit”, to record ‘Infinity Room’. The track was recorded at Free energy device studios in Camperdown Sydney, mixing by Julia Goyen (Angus & Julia Stone) and mastered by Tahlia Rose Coleman

Developing her sound over the last three years has given Astrals the chance to solidify her sonic identity as one that is fresh and contemporary and ‘Infinity Room’ is the follow up to her singles ‘Daylight Drip’ and ‘Disappearing’, which she released in 2020 – an unpredictable year for all musicians who put their touring plans on hold.

“So basically ‘Infinity Room’ is about dealing with and calming down about time. There’s also a Walt Whitman lyric reference in the opening line of the song that I was happy to squeeze in: Be someone large – referring to ‘I am large, I contain multitudes’.”