EDIE captivates with ‘Front Row’; highlighting the dynamic of parasocial relationships

Drawing deep inspiration from 90’s pop-rock, fandoms of yesteryear & film soundtracks that shaped her youth, EDIE brings a fervent and heated new track to kick off the year. 

‘Front Row’ is a personal exploration of obsession & love, conveying the mind’s power to create an entirely fantasized relationship about an individual, who may not even know that you exist. Moody & brooding, it builds with roaring guitars, 90’s fuzz & driving drums. 

‘Front Row’ is as at home in a 90’s rom-com as it is across airwaves, house parties & clubs, in 2023.

‘Front Row’ allows EDIE to ruminate the thoughts & emotions of an entirely single-sided & fantasized relationship, with the all-encompassing nature then vocalized through song.

Partnering with Dylan Ollivierre (Holy Holy, Tia Gostelow, Meg Mac) in his personal studio, via a co-write with WAM award-winningFinn Pearson, the Australian songwriter & producer grasped EDIE‘s vision for the track; blending sonic elements of 90’s chart-toppers with modern production & instrumentation.

Rounding out production, WA’s dynamic duo Andrew Lawson (End Of Fashion, Tired Lion, Eskimo Joe) William Bowden (Paul Dempsey, Hermitute, Empire of The Sun) handled mixing & mastering.

“Through the track ‘Front Row,’ I explore themes of fixation, love, and obsession. The song shines a light on the dynamic of a parasocial relationship and its all-encompassing nature.

“In creating the song, I was heavily influenced by 90s pop rock and in particular the film soundtracks that shaped my youth. I love being in the studio and was fortunate enough to work with talented people who understood my vision!” EDIE