Great ~ Falls release a vibrant new single, ‘Custard Heart’

Melbourne five piece Great~Falls have unveiled their new single, ‘Custard Heart’ – a song that speaks to the group’s fresh and heartfelt brand of honest songwriting.

Drawn from a pool of indie sonic references that will appeal to fans of Ali Barter, CLEWS and Alex Lahey, Great~Falls mix a charged up spirit with relatable lyricism, making a song like ‘Custard Heart’ instantly listenable.

Consistently building as a group, Great~Falls have been enjoying success within their local community, with previous single ‘Thirty Thousand Feet’ premiering on PBS FM’s Underground Love show, followed by a sold out launch show in 2021.

Now though, their focus expands – ‘Custard Heart’ proving to be the perfect entry point for new fans of Great~Falls, and longtime fans alike.

The band recorded the ‘Custard Heart’ in a local Melbourne studio – ‘A Secret Location Sound Recorders’ – with producer Paul Maybury putting their heads together to create a masterpiece of a song.

“Before I became a yoga fanatic I didn’t have much upper arm strength and my nickname for a while was ‘Custard Arms’… With this I decided that “when you love someone, it requires you to have a Custard Heart. A heart that perhaps once had its walls hardened by past experience or fear, that perhaps may have been the strongest, most stoic muscular structure known to man suddenly gets rendered gooey, warm, fuzzy, sweet, rich and child-like once again with both new love and heartbreak.

May we all walk around with Custard Hearts that never harden. Thankfully, my upper arm strength has improved since writing this record but I would like to acknowledge the lack of muscle that led to this song’s origins.”