Sydney’s Mesmeriser release new single and announce EP ‘Sold!’ out now

Punchy, passionate and sonically exceptional, Sydney’s garage rock powerhouses Mesmeriser are back with new single ‘SOLD!’. Pulled from their upcoming EP of the same name, Mesmeriser holds up a mirror to the ultra-materialistic society we find ourselves in, critiquing the listlessness of a life stuck in a rat race.

Effortlessly commanding, Mesmeriser grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go. From crunchy distortion to the repetitive lyrics ‘I need it, I want it, I want it, I need it’ they add a layer of palpable urgency and intensity to the track. Mesmeriser expertly examines the hyper-consumerist society we live in by spotlighting the obsession with over-consumption and instant gratification – an ultimately unfulfilling and largely unsustainable pursuit.

What sets Mesmeriser apart is their attention and dedication to refined, nuanced and complex lyricism.

“The chorus ‘for this life, going once, going twice, SOLD!’ evokes the ideas of an auction for your attention, your money and ultimately your soul. We wanted to marry the music and the sharp vocals with the themes to really hit home”

Pulling inspiration from contemporaries The Strokes, The Libertines, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mesmeriser add their own hugely accomplished take into the alternative garage-rock oeuvre. Recorded at Yap Yap Studios in Sydney Australia, the track was mixed by Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue) and mastered by Ryan Schwabe.

Accompanying the single is a music video showcasing not just the bands musical talent, but also artistic. A diorama of corporate drones stand around idle as chaotic cuts, mirroring that of the music, dart around, capturing the lifeless drones.

“The SOLD! clip turned out better than we could ever have imagined. In the EP’s universe, SOLD! Is the final part of the corporate drone’s story. The parent company Brokers Of Sin LLC is going into liquidation and we toyed with the idea of the corporate drones themselves going into liquidation themselves. Our immensely talented friend Maya Luana brought it all to life and we had a blast turning ourselves into piles of mush and lighting the set ablaze.”


Waywards, Sydney Sunday, April 24
 Support bands: SLIM JIMZ and MORDOR.