Beehive Digi: The Quick 3

Everything we know about digital advertising is changing, and here’s the toppling of what you need to know… 

  • Third party cookies are officially coming to a close, meaning it will be harder to collect data from users and website visitors to retarget them with pixel tracking. 
  • iOS 14 now gives users the option to turn off tracking and advertising, prompting Facebook to issue warnings to its Ad users that audience sizes may be interrupted and decreased. 
  • Email marketing will re-emerge as our top tool for consumer marketing. 


TIK TOK is fast becoming our number one platform to discover new artists and has become the number one home of A&R scouts scrolling the rabbit hole of content to find the next breakthrough talent. With an integrated music team, TikTok’s editorial page is one that every artist needs to be taking advantage of. Keep an eye out for the monthly hashtag trends and take advantage of its ad platform!


META (formerly Facebook) have announced that it could take up to 10 years for it to truly come to life. If you’re a digital marketer, you will have felt the full effect of the Meta upgrade (and if you’re suffering whiplash, we hear you, we feel you and we’re here for you!)

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022, Ruth Bram, Meta Executive Producer, stated “We think the metaverse will build on its foundation to become the next generation of the internet and the next evolution in social technology. Both the hardware and software need more work, and it may take five to 10 years to fully bring it to life.”