Spici Water make a splash with sentimental & sunny new single ‘Good Night

Life can change at the drop of a hat. With the past two years of lockdowns and virtual restrictions starting to fade, AJ of Spici Water found themselves reminiscing about days gone by; nights spent running around Perth’s Paramount Nightclub and midnight adventures to buy pancake mix with their best friends. The passing of time had seen her friends land full time jobs, settle down and even one become a registered nurse.
AJ channeled the memories of each ‘Good Night’ to inspire the Perth four-piece’s latest indie-rock & coastal-air influenced single. Working collaboratively with instrumental members Amber, Fred Kyle, ‘Good Night’ flowed out of the band, with all members resonating with the nostalgic and rose-tinted lyrics penned by AJ

‘Good Night’ is an anthem for the young, a “yeah the girls” sing-along and a real-time look at the heartache & challenges young Australians have faced over the past years.

 “GOOD NIGHT is a “yeah the girls” anthem about missing going out and hitting the town with your friends. Due to covid, nightlife came to a halt for many months since the nation was in lockdown. Singer AJ loved going out with her friends but by the time lockdown ended they all got full time jobs, one of them becoming a registered nurse and so they didn’t get to go out as much anymore. AJ reminisced on all the good times they had together and wanted to find a way to immortalize their friendship and memories and so GOOD NIGHT came to exist.”  Spici Water 
“All of our songs capture life through the eyes of a young person in Australia, talking about love, heartache and celebrating the good times and the bad with drink in hand. A lot of our style and sound is heavily inspired by aus indie rock, indie pop, funk and punk pop.” Spici Water
With the band working harmoniously to pen the track with relative ease, they found themselves looking for a producer to help bring it to life. Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May) of Tone City Recording Studio was the ideal candidate, blending his experience and songwriting expertise to mold Spici Water’s ‘Good Night’ into a track that will go on to inspire its namesake – debaucherous nights spent with friends, putting the stress and anxiety of the past years behind them.
“In our process of writing music we find some chords we like and find progressions of verse and chorus and play through them on repeat whilst AJ sings some words or themes that fit the vibe of what we are playing and then it ties up into a song”. Spici Water

Without a doubt, the “feel-good” vibes of Spici Water will continue to grow their following throughout Western Australia & beyond. Their songs of love, heartache, good times & bad will become the soundtrack of “Good Night(s)” across Australia.