GHOST CARE release road-trip anthem ‘BUSSELL HWY’, sign with Tiny Triumphs

 Ghost Care provides a hugely accomplished take on Indie rock with ‘Bussell Hwy’. Transporting you to a place of nostalgia for that of the classic road trip, equal parts reminiscent and inspiring, ‘Bussell Hwy’ will have you packing your bags and filling your tank in no time. 
The Perth trio are effortlessly commanding with a sound in the same vein as contemporaries Ball Park MusicSpacey Jane and Noah Dillon. ‘Bussell Hwy’ is full of lush instrumentation, powerful and bright vocals that are utterly captivating and a true testament to the talent and synchronicity of the band. 
Ghost Care have well-earned their reputation for hard-hitting and unforgettable guitar riffs with this release. 

While the smooth vocals from Beau guide the melody, angelic backing vocals from Tanaya is an unexpected delight: elevating this from a song you’ll like to a song you’ll love. This, coupled with crunchy distorted guitar gems scattered throughout cement Ghost Care as a band that’s innovative, talented and have got their finger on the pulse of the new age of Aussie talent. 
“Bussell Hwy is all about the classic road trip! It’s where you’d rather be, and where you need to be and sometimes don’t realize… This song is about convincing your friends, and yourself, to get away from it all and just take a breather. This song is the nostalgia that we need, and the motivation to get back out there. We hope it can be everyone’s new road trip anthem for the future!” Ghost Care

2022 is shaping up to be a monumental year for the band. Building from previous wins in the last year spanning MTV, Rage, Triple J, Music Feeds, Apple Music and Coles Radio to name a few, 2022 has already kicked off with the signing of the band to Tiny Triumphs management (The VANNS, Eliza &The Delusionals).

“We are so excited to welcome Ghost Care into the Tiny Triumphs family. I have always had an affinity for WA artists, it’s such a great incubator of talent and this band is no exception. They’re such great people first and foremost as well as incredibly talented and driven musicians, ready to take the next step in their career.” Jeremy Rotberg, Tiny Triumphs.

So roll down the windows and cruise into the last month of summer with an absolute stellar tune from soon-to-be-festival-favourites Ghost Care.

Friday 8th April at Indian Ocean Hotel, Scarborough WA
With guests.