Meet The Bees: Our ‘Pollen Scout’, Georgia

In 2021, the Beehive PR team has expanded to meet the needs of our flourishing roster of clients! It’s been an exciting time of development for our music publicity agency. With a new year up ahead, we couldn’t be more stoked to have such a strong team of passionate new music publicists and specialists on deck to propel us into 2022!

Meet Georgia Niederer, our Canberra-based bee, who joins the team as a Publicist. She’s hit the ground running already, working with some of our fab faves including Sydney’s Inklines and Perth’s Ghost Care. Find out a bit more about our ‘Pollen Scout’ below!

Tell us a bit about yourself – where did your love for music begin?

I’ve always been a huge lover of art and all things creative but it was only after I moved to Canberra and was going to gigs that I knew I wanted to get into the music industry. My favourite place to study during Uni was even at the ANU School of Music Cafe! I don’t think I would be in this career, where I am now If I had stayed in Sydney – I think I needed to experience such a tight-knit community in order for my love to grow!

Are there any artists who you’ve been really into recently – hit us with your recommendations!

Absolutely! I love Canberra, so of course, some of my favourite artists are as well! Groovy Daughter (now in Adelaide) has the silkiest voice and the grooviest tunes. Slow Turismo are the perfect pairing for summer. And of course Genesis Owusu – need I say more?

Was there any one particular moment where you realised you wanted to make a career in the music industry or explore one?

It’s hard to pinpoint! I’ve always been quite a creative person but initially, when figuring out what I wanted to do, found the music industry quite intimidating! It was only once I got involved in the Canberra music scene and started seeing the same friendly faces at gigs that made me realise how much I wanted to stay in it.

When I realised I could work behind the scenes in a creative capacity I was sold. Also the more I heard about the incredible women who were redefining the industry, like Sammie, the more I wanted to join them!

You’re also completing uni studies while getting into the world of music PR – what are you studying and what made music PR an appealing realm of work to get into?

I am! I am graduating at the end of the year with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing). I love art and creative processes and I have always valued doing something fun and creative with my time (I am a DIY QUEEN).

Whilst being a full-time artist is not for me, I realised through my degree that I could utilise this creativity but through a marketing/PR capacity. This coupled with my love for music seemed like the perfect pairing! The work we do at Beehive has a huge degree of creativity in it – I view each and every campaign as a work of art. 

You’re based in Canberra – can you tell us a bit about your music community and some of the artists you think more people should be aware of?

I will be singing praise for the Canberra music scene until the end of time. Whilst we don’t necessarily have the vast infrastructure of major cities, the talent is definitely here. My absolute all-time favourite musician in Canberra at the moment is Soph Maurice. She hasn’t released any music at the moment, and I’ve only seen her at gigs so she is right at the beginning of her career but oh my. The most incredible voice I’ve ever heard. Hearing her sing will have you feeling lucky to be alive. Definitely one to watch.

Music publicity can be a bit overwhelming for those who may not know too much about how it all works – what we’ve loved is seeing your enthusiasm and all-in approach.

Has there been anything so far you can tell us about dealing with media outlets or working with artists that has stuck out as being interesting/or unexpected?

I definitely feel as if I’ve jumped in the deep-end with Beehive! Whilst the amount of emails can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, the best way to learn is to just get stuck into it. I have been really surprised at how quickly time can fly while doing this kind of work. 

And finally: you’re stuck at the end of the world with only ONE album to see it all out with. What are you taking down with you and why?

This is always a tough question to answer. I’m going to say Parcels debut album ‘Parcels’. That one beat-drop in ‘Everyroad’ keeps me going on a daily basis – I couldn’t survive without it.