The Florets unveil sprawling psychedelic-tinged album Permanent Glow

Brandishing a beautiful fusion of psychedelic and pop sensibilities, Melbourne five-piece The Florets today announce the release of their debut album, Permanent Glow. The road to the release of this project has seen the group develop into a tight and formidable sonic unit; their sound growing across a number of years spent performing and honing their songwriting skills together. 

Their abilities to construct and nurture sonic atmospherics has made them favourites within their local community and in 2021, a string of single releases has given listeners an opportunity to discover Permanent Glow as a full creative statement of intent.

For the album, The Florets recorded the material between Collingwood’s Sunset Pig Records and PurpleWayne Studios, working with Chris Wright (Sunset Pig Records, A. Swayze & The Ghosts) and AlexO’Gorman (Purple Wayne Studios, Angie McMahon) as co-producers. With this dream team in the pocket, Permanent Glow was in the best of hands to be brought to fruition.

The production is rich and warm, the instrumentation full of texture and depth. Led by frontman Nicholas Dawes, The Florets construct an avenue of escapism with this material (‘Paradise’, ‘Vacation’), all the while offering up music that is very much rooted in current and fresh sonic influences.

“The album is pretty short and concise but it feels as if  three LPs worth of material have been chopped, changed, turfed and tweaked to get to where the album sits now. We thought the album was ready for recording with around 10 tracks good to go in 2019. Two years later and the sound and songs have changed so much that the initial album is barely recognisable anymore. 

We could actually release an entire B side album of these songs that contrast extremes of ballads becoming Kraut influenced pieces to weird folk dance melodies morphing into hip hop inspired drum beats and tempos. Overall, we are happy for the journey as it has really helped shape the direction of the music and will make the sophomore album a walk in the park (hopefully hehe!).”
Nicholas Dawes, The Florets

Fans of The Florets have already heard hints of the album, thanks to the reveal of tracks ‘Paradise’‘Tip Toe’‘My Old Man’, and most recently, ‘Quiet Life’. All tracks have shown different elements of Permanent Glow as a cohesive album: engaging and whirring with the right amount of friction and euphoric release.

The Florets will launch Permanent Glow with a special hometown show at The Retreat Hotel in Melbourne this November.


Saturday 6th November The Retreat Hotel Melbourne