Chelsea Warner dishes up moody R&B single ‘Drama’


Riding her own wave of R&B and alt-pop, Sydney’s Chelsea Warner returns with new single ‘Drama’. A perfect late night jam, the song is Chelsea’s first official release for 2021 and a great stride forward when it comes to the evolution of this talented young artist.

Written from the perspective of a young person going through the formative stages of young adulthood, the song captures the heady energy of drama that comes with young love and its ups and downs.

Vibe heavy in the same lane as the likes of Victoria MonetMilan Ring and KAYTRANADA, ‘Drama’ comes packed with confidence in arrangement and delivery.

Recent projects have seen Chelsea’s profile grow significantly locally, supporting the likes of Hope DEluera and Abby Bella May, while also working with noted French producer Roman Kouder on his latest EP.

Says Chelsea of her new single, “‘Drama’ harnesses feminine energy and brings together mellow instrumentation with high emotion. Written, recorded and produced herself, ‘Drama’ is a prime example of Chelsea’s talents wrapped up in one sonic package.

“‘Drama’ was written about a side of myself that I don’t like; one that craves attention and loves tension. Written in the haze of adolescence, it’s an ode to the stereotype of the dramatic teenage girl and how it makes young women feel about their own emotions.”