Oh My My unleash brand new double A-side

Sydney’s Oh My My have been putting the work in these last few months; the duo producing some of their finest work to date with new double A-side drop ‘Make Me Feel Alive Tonight’ / ‘We All Want The Lights Down’.

A full listening experience tailor made to be absorbed in one sitting, the double A-side release from Oh My My is a strong snapshot of the duo in 2021.

Back to back slices of electronic music that incorporate pop and R&B influences with a natural ease, the new sounds from Oh My My exemplify their talents as songwriters and producers.

Between Sam Thomlinson and Timothy Quaife, a strong working dynamic has blossomed and with their music slated for 2021, we’re going to see the duo at a brand new creative peak.

Both songs flesh out Oh My My’s increasing instrumentation, as they incorporate more elements to accompany their well established electronic sound. Here, the listener is drawn into the duo’s story of a break up and its aftermath.

“Lyrically, it’s about tumultuous 20s, where you live for nightlife, relationships are hard, you’re not really grounded and everything’s moving too quickly. It’s about waking up and feeling lost, but having that feeling juxtaposed with when you’re out with your friends, and you’ve had a few drinks on the dance floor, and you feel at home.” Sam Thomlinson, Oh My My 

And with ‘We All Want The Lights Down’, things take a different turn, as Oh My My examines relationships from another perspective entirely. Putting this music together in the wake of Timothy’s own relationship breakdown in 2019 wound up being a cathartic experience, and one that brought the musicians closer together as a creative unit.

“From memory this was the first song Sam and I worked on together after I moved in with him. He was rescuing me after a relationship break down and I was in a bit of a state. Sam showed me the chorus and I loved how dark and menacing it felt.” 

“It was pretty easy to feed off what Sam had built and just let the emotion out. We basically finished it in one big long session and by the time we were done I think we realised we had made a bit of a Frankenstein. I kind of love it more because of that. It tells the story we wanted to tell without apology.”
Timothy Quaife, Oh My My