Sydney hip hop artist Lanstan releases sophomore EP, ‘Vision’.

Since 2017, Lanstan has cemented himself as one of the crucial voices in Australian hip hop, offering introspective songwriting from the perspective of a young man striving for success. Today he releases his sophomore EP Vision.

One of Lanstan’s main goals is to help elevate the hip-hop scene on the Northern beaches and connect with the youth. 

It’s a mission that was forged on his acclaimed releases ‘Dream State’ (produced by Kuren) and ‘Go To  Sleep’ on his debut EP ‘Dreams’. 

As shown by his 2019 singles ‘Blueprint’ and ‘Trophy’, Lanstan wrote the songs on the new EP with the intention of being able to perform them with maximum energy. 

The Vision EP was crafted in collaboration with Max Muller (Muller Made), Tom Garnett, Joseph Colmenero, Ollie Roland,  Steven Petridis (Espa) and recording engineer Daniel Natoli.

“This EP has been a long time in the making and has been some of the best times of my life (even with the pandemic situation). With the help of an amazing team around me I have smashed some of my biggest goals in music and continued in an upward trajectory.

Reuniting with Miles for this project was a very special moment too. Although we have been making music together non-stop for years, we have been focussing on releasing our solo music and backlogging our content together. 

A lot of our followers have been begging us to drop some music together and I’m honoured that we got to do that on my project. I made sure to spare absolutely no expense on this project and spent months fixing up tiny details in the mixes as well as meticulously planning the tone I wanted to strike for the project. This EP is very special to me and I hope it will find a place in the history of Australian hip-hop music.”