Sydney’s JOFI returns with a stunning dose of electro-tinged indie-pop, ‘Catastrophe’

Existing in a realm of sparkling synths, theatrical production and smart lyricism, Sydney’s Jofi makes music that captivates. Continuing to do so into 2021, the singer-songwriter and producer releases her new single, ‘Catastrophe’

Full of charm and bright energy, the single captures Jofi’s musicality perfectly as she makes her moves to be on more radars this year.

As her creative journey has continued to evolve and explore new influences over the last few years, 2021 for Jofi is an exciting one. Jofi’s sound has already been likened to artists including FKA twigsJames Blake and even Kate Bush. The balance of emotional fragility with strength in her arrangements and storytelling makes the 22 year old artist one to watch.

With ‘Catastrophe’, Jofi turns the focus inward, and puts herself and her idiosyncrasies under the microscope with humour threaded throughout.

“‘Catastrophe’ is me laughing and joking about how manic and unnecessary I can be sometimes. I’m a person very driven by feeling and it sometimes gets the better of me. I think the song has a badass energy, but also a level of seriousness and honesty.”

Keeping things in line with the nostalgic, vintage-pastel vibes of the song itself, the music video for ‘Catastrophe’ comes directed by videographer Robbie Walcott, with co-direction from Jofi herself. DIY in its aesthetic and production, the end result is dreamy and striking.