Vahine Fierro

At just 20 years of age, Vahine Fierro has established and commands her own lane within the world of professional surfing. Making her impact as Tahiti’s first female World Surfing Champion, Fierro’s name and standing is a powerful one. As of 2020, Fierro is ranked at #18 of the Women’s QS. Now anticipating her hopeful debut as part of the French national team at the Tokyo Olympics 2021, Fierro’s profile is only set to grow in strength. 

Hailing from the small island of Huahine in Tahiti, Fierro has been brought up with the oceanic culture in her blood. Embodying and exuding pure mana, Fierro has emerged as a prominent young ambassador of Tahitian culture as well as paving her way as a pioneering figure for young people in the professional surfing world.

Taking out the World Junior Championship title in 2017, Fierro’s presence as a surfer to watch became solidified on a global scale. Her sights and ambitions have always been set high, driven by a desire to constantly learn and develop a strong connection with the water and its waves that she has been dominating in the years since. 

Splitting her time between the world’s heaviest wave in Teahupo’o, Tahiti, France and Southern California, Fierro has not only been dedicated to surfing from a young age, but to her studies as well. A talented linguist and student of the world (she speaks fluent Tahitian and French as well as English), Fierro brings a highly motivated energy to her work, in and out of the water.

Since taking out that World Junior Championship title at just 18, Fierro has clocked many impressive professional achievements including multiple WSLQS final finishes at events stretching from Hawaii to South Africa and Sydney to China, as well as winning Best Barrel Of The Year as part of the 2019 Surfer Awards.