Mahina Maeda

Three time Women’s Junior Tour world title holder 22 year old Mahina Maeda is a dominating force in women’s professional surfing.

Born to Japanese parents on Oahu’s north shore, Maeda flourished into a talented ambassador for the Asian-American community in sport. Holding dual Japanese and American citizenship, Maeda treasures both sides of her cultural identity and has been able to represent strongly as a powerful figure as one of the few Asian-American women in professional surfing. A strong contender to represent Japan at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, Maeda stands to showcase  her skills to more surf fans than ever before.

With three World Titles on the Women’s Junior Tour and multiple victories throughout the Women’s Qualifying Series, Maeda’s name has become synonymous with excitement and accomplishment. At just 16, Maeda became the second woman ever to surf Portugal’s Nazaré, one of the most legendary and toughest breaks in the world. 

In the years that followed, the globe was further introduced to Mahina Maeda, as the young surfer made her way to global surf hotspots, entering the upper ranks of female surfers on the World Surf League’s Women’s Qualifying Series. Now listed as #14 on the Women’s QS 2020 ranking, Maeda is continuing to build a legacy for herself in 2020.