Beehive Tips: A Radio Campaign – What Is It?

Radio is a funny word. In today’s world of online streaming and music marketing, getting your music played on radio – for some – does not carry the same weight as it used to. Radio-play remains integral to the discovery and success of an emerging artist. For an established name, their presence on the airwaves is one that they strive to maintain.

Getting started, the concept of radio plugging can be an overwhelming and confusing one. Music publicity campaigns offer a client the opportunity to pursue a radio campaign, tailored specifically to getting their music out into the radio space. But what does it entail?

First, know your landscape.

Being in the Australian media space gives publicists and artists a unique advantage. The country isn’t like other markets, knowing which radio stations to target is the first step of a radio campaign. Working with the client, Beehive PR ascertains early where the music is likely to have more success – in the community or commercial sphere.

With triple j claiming the monopoly in the independent, national broadcasting space, this is the first stop for almost everybody seeking radio-play. We engage in radio plugging to the ABC for premieres, new music additions, interviews, features and online reviews. We revisit pitches and conversations with programmers and presenters during the radio plugging side of any campaign.

Your music may also be a fit for the commercial world – Hit Networks, Triple Ms. While less likely to pick up the amount of independent releases like triple j, there are champions of new music here too. Where possible, we also enter into conversations with programmers there too.

Community Radio

Community Radio.

Two words that are integral to the development of the Aussie music scene. Connecting with community stations is where a radio campaign comes together. Community radio stations exist around the country with programmers eager to listen to new music, host interviews, and share their platform.

Community radio stations include Radio AdelaideFBi Radio, 4ZZZ3RRR2SER, PBS, RRR, SYN and RTRFM. We’ve maintained successful relationships with programmers around the country over the years, bringing some excellent content to the airwaves. Connecting artists to listeners and engaging opportunities to collaborate with media professionals down the line.

With radio plugging, we’re also focused on securing airplay for musicians. We lock in interviews, too. Another great opportunity for the client to maximise the reach of their music. Music publicists and radio pluggers are in charge of facilitating these interviews, via phone or in studio.


A great tool for musicians, radio hosts, radio pluggers, music publicists and management alike. AIRIT (Australian Music and Radio Airplay Project) is perfect for seeing how far your music is reaching. Community radio’s Australian music catalogue and distribution service, AIRIT is the easiest way to ensure that your music is getting onto the radars of Australian community radio stations.

Musicians, labels and artist reps (including radio pluggers + music publicists), apply through their channels for music distribution through AIRIT – an easy process. Any radio campaign will feature this. From there, music coordinators and programmers have a direct link to a downloadable version of the song, which will then be played on radio.

AIRIT is a great way to see what other bands and music are being played alongside yours on different channels. A handy way of keeping an eye on what’s happening with your peers. Getting idea of what programmers think your music best aligns with.