Mesmeriser kick off 2020 with brand new single, ‘Trigger’

Following on from the release of their 2019 track ‘Don’t Complicate It’, Sydney indie pop group Mesmeriser are back with another effortlessly catchy single in ‘Trigger’. The trio continue to thrive on well arranged harmonies and melodic progressions as they lean more into a garage rock direction for their first offering for 2020.

Where previous material evoked the likes of Parcels and Catfish and The Bottlemen, ‘Trigger’ sees Mesmeriser tread a more Strokes-esque territory. Thematically, the song centres on the concept of sexual assault – heavier territory for the band, but dealt with in their signature style, focusing on the cause and effect whirlpool of events that surrounds such an event when made public.

“Well he’s up and he’s out, looking back upon the night he figured it out, this isn’t where he left his head to lay.” Myles sings. “B-line from the crime, figures he’ll find the words to say it wasn’t him.” 

As the song continues, Mesmeriser lament those who have the resources to avoid facing consequences for their actions and often, the full extent of the law. “The title serves not only as a warning, but references responses triggered by such an incident, and the chain of events that unfold afterward.” Mesmeriser

Returning to Yap Yap Studios, Mesmeriser put ‘Trigger’ together with frequent collaborator Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue, Lola Scott), with William Bowden coming on board to apply that final mastering touch. The end result further explores the band’s songwriting style and individualism when it comes to indie music – making Mesmeriser a band to watch in 2020.

Launching ‘Trigger’ at two live shows across February and March is giving Mesmeriser the perfect opportunity to unveil their new music and live show – energy conjured up that has been winning over crowds in Australia and abroad alike. Establishing themselves as formidable talent with the release of their debut EP These Few Hours back in 2017, building on the momentum of their music with tours across Australia and through Europe, Mesmeriser’s run gained more speed in 2019, with this year looking to be even more fruitful.


Friday, February 28th The Vanguard Sydney
Saturday, March 7th The Family Hotel Newcastle