The Gusset return with brand new single, ‘Something Good’

Arriving just in time for the summer, Mandurah four piece The Gusset debut their new single, ‘Something Good’. Since the band’s inception in 2016, The Gusset have been forming a strong reputation as a live band for themselves down the west coast, also emerging onto radars around the country off the back of previous releases ‘Lost In Light’ and ‘Disconnect’.

With ‘Something Good’, further explores the more personal elements of their songwriting abilities in producing a track that is both parts entertaining and charming.

Laid down at Foxhole Studios in Perth with Chad Blondel and Don Bartley on mixing and mastering, The Gusset brought the same rich tonal energy evident on previous releases to this recording process. The delivery ‘Something Good’ comes through with a natural ease, a new snapshot of how comfortable this band’s dynamic has continued to become over the years.

‘Something Good’ – a song steeped in reflection and a found sense of self-awareness – come to listeners as one of The Gusset’s most defined releases yet. A perfect way to bring the band into a new chapter.

“‘Something Good’ follows a storyline a little too familiar for many listeners. Diving into the desire to form a relationship, though despite your best efforts, you can just never get it right. Mixing catchy melodies with psych pop guitar hooks, the lyrics layer overthinking, frustration and self-doubt. The track spirals to a close with the realisation that once the time has passed, you can’t help but reflect on where it all went wrong and what could have been something good.” The Gusset

Launching ‘Something Good’ with an unmissable hometown show this December, The Gusset are amped to get back on stage to share their latest with fans. Having enjoyed sold out show down the west coast off the back of their previous two releases, their upcoming show in Fremantle is not only going to be a fitting way to kick off summer, but an opportunity to remind the audience just what they’re made of.


Saturday, December 7th Aardvark Fremantle
with Technicolour Dream Machine, Teen Angst, Mt. Cleverest