East Denistone returns another ethereal piece of music in ‘First Light Of The Morning Sun’

Following on from successful single releases in ‘River’ and ‘Amongst Taller Trees’, Sydney songwriter and performer East Denistone today returns another striking release in new single ‘First Light of The Morning Sun’.

As with his previous releases, the latest from East Denistone leads from the heart, while a dreamy soundscape wraps up melodic vocals with warmth.


His music has been marked by an intensity in the past that has flourished beautifully with each new songwriting venture. Still, with each release, the listener learns a little more about the musician. A work ethic that is impassioned and intricate, a strong dedication to the craft and a great sense of honesty and openness in delivery.

“It took some soul searching…”

Recorded in Sydney and mixed and mastered by himself, ‘First Light of The Morning Sun’ is another insight into the inner workings of one of Sydney’s best new names. East Denistone (aka Marcus Hoon) builds sound on sound while lyrically, looking inward with reflective tone.

“I had to take a step back and realise my own limitations – the kind of music I was looking to produce and perform at the time [after the release of ‘River’]  just wasn’t appropriate. I was listening to a few energetic, grandiose acts at the time and felt this need to chase that sound, but to the detriment of my own music. It took some soul searching but I resolved to tone everything down and play to my own strengths.” East Denistone

Preparing to break into 2020 with new creative projects on the horizon, ‘First Light of The Morning Sun’ is the beginning of a new chapter for East Denistone. Clearing up the creative house and preparing for what’s coming next, he’s sharing a snapshot of not only where he’s come from in 2019, but where he is heading next. “In some ways I’m starting out all over again, but wiser people have always championed the idea that it’s about the journey, not the destination.” East Denistone