OLD CITIES shines with synth-drenched new single, ‘POSTCARDS’

“Tell me it gets better…”

Yearning backed by immersive indie-pop instrumentation marks the new release from Sydney’s Old Cities.

Titled ‘Postcards’, the new single from the songwriter (Jordi White) is marked by a now recognisable brand of gripping balladry, as the lyrics navigate themes of relationships and the authenticity that can be found in forming one with the right person, whether it be romantic or platonic.

The pacing of the track builds carefully, buoyed by White’s deep vocal and self-handled production. With the marriage of synths and percussion, ‘Postcards’ has a slightly 80’s throwback hint to it, an influence that many indie fans found a resurgence in as the 2000’s movement was fully embraced. Like artists including BleachersYeasayer and City Calm DownOld Cities creates music in a dreamy soundscape that draws the listener in from the jump.

Utilising sparseness and distance within the music, ‘Postcards’ pushes a feeling of isolation with striking effect.

“On a deeper level, it speaks to the idea that can sometimes be right with someone – friend, girlfriend, boyfriend etc – and still feel distant. The centrepoint of this one is longing for closeness and authenticity in our relationships in life.” Old Cities

First making his mark with the release of his debut EP, Old Cities I, last year, Old Cities has been enjoying the continuing evolution of his creative process. His single ‘I’ll See Her Again’ was nominated for the presitigious Vanda & Young Songwriting Award, while this year has seen White collaborating with an impressive array of local and international artists, most recently with Ian Berney (Birds of Tokyo) on this new single.

With more new music in the works, Old Cities is looking ahead to a busy tail end of 2019. ‘Postcards’ is just the tip of the iceberg.