Milo Viti delve into vibrant alternative-pop territory with loud new single, ‘BE COOL’

Alt-pop served up with edge.

Flitting between thrashing throes of pop-punk and melodic highs of alt-pop, Sydney’s Milo Viti wear their musical stylings proudly. New single ‘Be Cool’ is the latest example of the band’s versatility. They stride forward into a brand new year of music – fired up and ready to take charge.

The band has been cultivating for themselves an impressive live following as their music has warped between pop aesthetics while embracing an non-conforming attitude, lending to more complex songs and writing styles. ‘Be Cool’ encapsulates the intoxicating energy of the band and their penchant for enjoying each moment to the fullest.

“‘Be Cool’ is about enjoying the extreme highs of having a good time in spite of the major come down that follows. It’s about understanding the bad that comes with the good and choosing to forget about it all for a moment before it inevitably catches up with you.”

New horizons from one of Sydney’s exciting new acts…

Recorded in Sydney at A Sharp Recording Studio, ‘Be Cool’ sees Milo Viti plunge themselves into a soundscape that ushers in guitars at their most frenetic, percussion at its quickest and vocals at their most enticing.

In a similar vein to All Time Low, Milo Viti’s vivid sense of musicality sits perfectly with music fans who anticipate to leave their inhibitions at the door with each show. A focus heavily trained on embracing music at a fast pace, and have it delivered in unexpected ways, Milo Viti are quickly becoming ones to watch.

Milo Viti’s launch party for their new single is high on the priority list. With a brand new live show to present, the band is chomping at the bit to get their new music up close and personal to  fans – newcomers and their ride or dies alike.


Saturday 27th April The Burdekin Sydney
with 24k, Before The King, The Small Press