DOM YOUDAN returns with blissful new ode, ‘IS YOUR LOVER STILL COOL’

A stunning voice courts an unrequited love

With stunning melodies and a warmth in his songwriting that utterly envelops, Dom Youdan has returned with new single, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’. The first solo release since the songwriter’s praised debut EP Tigerlily, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’ charts the waters of  love, and lessons learned about oneself with deft poise. With a Sydney launch lined up for April, Youdan’s latest single is the perfect introduction for newcomers, while also being a warm welcome back for fans.

Revealing itself through swelling production and rich vocals, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’ marks a new chapter for Youdan, a writer and musician who has successfully found that happy place of expression within emotional vulnerability and tenderness. “I was an outrageous geek growing up, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’ speaks to that. Of not fitting in and feeling something for someone who doesn’t really see you. This song’s as much about gaining perspective as it is falling in love.” 

Sydney via London, Youdan is a global talent

For the London-born, Sydney-based musician, music is an artform that has brought him not only creative freedom. It led him to find a second home in Australia. Falling for an Australian at his second ever show, Youdan’s connection with Australia blossomed with an eventual move out here and the creation of his debut EP Tigerlily in 2017.

The wheels for success with his music were already in motion, with the young songwriter signing to LME (Dido, Andreya Triana) before the release of his debut single, ‘Don’t You Love Me’.

Youdan’s artistry has developed further since the release of Tigerlily, as he has continued to explore the bounds of contemporary pop music, infusing his own with licks of electronic and R&B, not dissimilar to the likes of Dustin Tebbutt, RHYE and even The Kite String Tangle.

Launching the new single at Sydney’s Hibernian House this month, Youdan’s new live show will be unveiled in one of the city’s most renowned rooms. Bringing dynamism and vibrancy along with raw honesty in his songwriting, Dom Youdan is an artist ready to introduce his musicianship to you.


Wednesday 17th April Hibernian House Sydney
with special guests Kim Ven and Sasha March