Joey Sachi makes a delicate introduction with debut single ‘Fractured’

Enamouring upon debut, Tokyo-based Sydney artist Joey Sachi releases a gorgeous track in ‘Fractured’. As an introduction to her sound, ‘Fractured’ is an immersive hit of electronic-tinged pop music – a track that really lets Sachi’s pristine vocals take centrestage.

As the first release from this artist, ‘Fractured’ represents an exciting new chapter for Sachi, and the start of more to come.

For ‘Fractured’, Sachi recorded the music with producer Andy Mak in Avoca Beach, with Becki Whitton on mixing and Lachlan Carrick on mastering.

The end result has hints of The xxDaughter and London Grammar, leaning into the ethereal production styles of the above, while retaining a voice and presence that is very much Sachi’s own.

“The songwriting process is an incredibly personal and cathartic journey for me. It always begins with an experience, or often inspired by an old diary entry reflecting on a stage of life. I then workshop a chord progression to find one I am sonically drawn to and I write my topline. Lyrics follow and when I’m finally happy my co-writer Akinat will reharmonize the chords for me.

I had no hand whatsoever in the production, instead I worked with my incredibly talented Australian producer, Andy Mak which was an absolute dream of mine. I was initially drawn to his music because of his exquisite sounds. Andy skillfully integrated lush and emotive string arrangements, adding a layer of depth and richness to the track. His meticulous attention to detail and his innate understanding of electronic music allowed him to work his magic which transformed the song and elevated it to new heights.” JOEY SACHI

Though her music education led her down the Classical path, Sachi’s musical palette is diverse, with influences ranging from Daft Punk to Sabrina Claudio and Daniel Caesar.

Born and raised in Sydney, in a musical family, Sachi was inspired and encouraged early on to follow her own path creatively, and it is a path that has led to her recent relocation to Japan.

The release of ‘Fractured’ gives audiences an insight into the sonic world-building Joey Sachi has been working meticulously on, leaving enough room for listeners to return for more. With more new music in the pipeline, ‘Fractured’ is very much just the start.