Southey releases new indie-folk single ‘Someday’

Sydney Indie folk artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Southey has released his latest track, “Someday,” a heartfelt composition that explores our collective longing for stability and belonging.

With captivating melodies and raw emotion, Southey emerges as a supreme storyteller, unravelling the inner minutiae of the human spirit. 

“I wrote someday in my bedroom studio in Surry Hills shortly after receiving notice that my landlord had decided to sell the property. This could not have come at a worse time with the ongoing rental crisis here and I was really struggling to find somewhere to live.

I wrote the song when I was feeling hopeful one evening, dreaming of the prospect of one day owning a home I could never be kicked out of.”Southey

Recorded at his home studio, “Someday” showcases Southey’s profound talent as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. The single was mixed by Southey himself and masterfully mastered by the renowned Nick Franklin (Peking Duk, Casey Donovan, Ocean Alley).

In the heart of “Someday” lies a common narrative, inspired by Southey’s own encounters with the relentless rental crisis that has plagued modern society.

Through poetic verses and lush instrumentation, he explores this common emotional journey many face, creating a powerful connection between artist and listener, offering solace and empathy, intertwining his own personal experiences with the universal longing for a place to call home. 

Southey’s music transcends boundaries, enriched by his multi-instrumental skills and production prowess. By blending acoustic and electric elements, he creates lush soundscapes that lie  in a similar vein to Bon Iver, Boy & Bear or Xavier Rudd. 

His debut single ‘Run River’ was released in 2021 and gained immediate support, garnering over 560k streams. Following this he released ‘Leuven’ which similarly found a receptive home gaining multiple hundreds of thousands of streams.

It is evident Southey’s ability to translate personal experiences into relatable themes resonates strongly with a diverse audience. He has since played at Sydney’s treasured Factory Theatre venue supporting Paulie in June and in the last year spent song-writing and refining his craft his sound still remains prominent with over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Southey has also successfully embraced the digital age, captivating audiences with his livestream performances on Twitch. With over 20,000 concurrent viewers and 500,000+ viewers in a single stream, he has solidified his presence in the online music sphere, reaching and engaging with fans in new and exciting ways.

As Southey’s fan base continues to expand, he remains dedicated to exploring the depths of human emotion through his music, providing a genuine and transformative musical experience.