Grids & Dots return with the hazy new single ‘Pink Plaster Walls’

Sydney’s Grids & Dots have built a reputation for themselves in recent years for their ability to create gorgeous and immersive soundscapes, delivered with precision in studio and on stage.

With their new single, ‘Pink Plaster Walls’, the indie five-piece continue to step it up for 2023, offering listeners a fresh cut of dreamy alt-rock/shoegazey goodness.

Following on from the band’s 2021 album, What Happens To Friendships?, Grids & Dots returned to Surry Hills’ Hercules St Studios, where they worked with Wayne Connolly (DZ Deathrays) on mixing and mastering. 

‘Pink Plaster Walls’ keeps that warmth in tone that have previously drawn comparisons to artists like Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure, while letting the unique styles of both Daniel Handaru and Carmen Minikus shine as vocalists and guitarists; the overall sound bolstered beautifully by Patrick Hission (drums), Saskia Clapton (bass) and Elias Khoury (synth).

“I started writing this song while on a road trip to the Gold Coast to Dan’s old family house which looks like it was untouched since the 1980s; there was pink peeling paint all over the walls and outdated, retro furniture all over the house. 

Dan started telling stories about his childhood memories here which drew pictures in my head of a nostalgic time in his childhood – the stale, dry, hot air and the long, hot summers. Mundane activities, getting into trouble to escape boredom, swimming by the river or local beaches.”


‘Pink Plaster Walls’ is the first we’re hearing from a forthcoming Grids & Dots project; one that encompasses the last two years of life for the band. The EP, titled Found You On The Weekend, captures a group of individuals in flux – newfound parenthood, relationships, relocations all playing their part in the record’s creation.


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