FINDING BETTER HEALTH release emotionally charged track ‘CALYPSO’

After dropping ‘Why Didn’t You Appear//It Won’t Burn Forever’ in late 2022, Finding Better Health release their striking new track ‘Calypso’. The track follows the realisation that you are no longer the person you were in a past relationship.

‘Calypso’ delves into the emotions that are held between two people navigating through a past relationship, holding onto grudges from their past actions and who the person was;instead of who the person has grown into now.

With the perfect blend of post-hardcore and post-rock, ‘Calypso’ is filled with distorted guitar riffs, complex rhythms and raw, heartfelt vocals. 

Finding Better Health joined forces with Angie Watson (Whatever Forever, Everleigh, Oxford Poet) who recorded the track at The Brain Studios, Sydney as well as ARIA nominated producer Clayton Segelov (Dear Seattle, Columbus, Hoon) who also mixed and mastered the track, creating a comforting listening experience reminiscent of Australian acts including Trophy Eyes, Hellions and Slowly Slowly.

“…After being removed from my first serious relationship for some time, I came to the realisation that by constantly writing these bitter, vindictive songs, I was holding on to every negative emotion I ever felt. Though this can be a cathartic process, I came to realise how much I had changed since that time, which prompted me to realise just how much my ex-partner must have changed.

Yet here I was, years later, still writing songs about how fucked up I was over the actions of an 18 year old girl. It was a brutal realisation. I had become a bitter person…”

“…By writing songs about them, I was holding on to the actions of the people they were. Leave before I trap you here/my bodies are not worth saving” At the end of the day, people are human, people mess up. Bitter break-up songs are the mark of an immature man writing immature songs for immature men. Calypso was the start of me growing up, of reckoning with my actions, instead of just yelling blindly about how hard-done by I was.”

Finding Better Health

Accompanying their new single, Finding Better Health will also be releasing a captivating music video for ‘Calypso’. The alluring visuals were captured by cinematographer Justin McLean and directed by Jim Bradshaw.

The music video follows the storyline of destructive relationships, perfectly capturing the emotions, mood and themes of the track.

“Like the song itself, we set out to film something that was both incredibly polished and serene, but with a heaviness and visceral quality as well. We worked with a full crew for the first time ever, constructed a set and spent a great deal of time in post-production figuring out the best choreography and visual language to tell this story.

‘Calypso’ explores the often destructive relationship between an artist and their muses, an idea that is represented through the control and synchronicity that exists within the movement. In a very universal way, this video is the story of someone pushing someone away through their efforts to get them to stay.”

Finding Better Health