The Tullamarines explore fragile insecurities & reassuring love in oscillating new track ‘Never Do That’

With reassuring sweetness & a brooding kindness, The Tullamarines provide support for those they love, who may not be as assured as themselves.

Stunning & pulsating, their new track ‘Never Do That’ pays attention to the stresses & worries that partners may find themselves wrapped in, when pursuing a new relationship.

Instead of dwelling on this, The Tullamarines calls to gently push these aside and “celebrate the love that allows us to overcome them”. Driving & with glorious backing vocals from Angus Purvis Lucinda Machin, ‘Never Do That’ is a modern homage to revered indie-rock-pop trailblazers such as The Wombats Arctic Monkeys, who provided guidance for generations in lust, love & life.

Beginning life with darker, grunge influences, ‘Never Do That’ spent part of 2022 sat on a shelf for The Tullamarines, who couldn’t gel verse & chorus together.

In the midst of a writing trip, the band revisited it and managed to put the finishing touches on the sonic structures, with Angus Purvis then (freshly heart broken & emotionally bruised), able to lyrically complete the track.

A small, collaborative band, The Tullamarines worked with their very own Lucinda Machin at Forest Range Studios in the Adelaide Hills, self-producing & engineering the track before having it mixed by Michael Cutayar (Amy Macdonald, Orchards) & mastered by Filippo Cimatti (Jeff Beck, Bones).

“‘Never Do That ’is a love song of sorts. It seems quite common for people (especially our age) to have a level of insecurity in their relationships. Often reading far too much into things our partners say or do and needing constant reassurance from them that things are ok.

It’s easy to get caught up in how our pre-supposed futures, align with our partners and riddle ourselves with stress rather than just enjoying relationships for what they are in the moment. Heavily inspired by our own relationships,this song explores these themes from the perspective of the reassurer. Touching on the struggles of this dynamic and celebrating the love that allows us to overcome them.” Angus Purvis, The Tullamarines