Sydney pop artist NORA returns with vibrant new single ‘Nicotine’

Brandishing a bright new cut of pop music to break open 2023, Sydney’s NORA presents ‘Nicotine’.

The single captures everything central to NORA’s overall sound: catchy melodies, effervescent personality and a sharp grasp on bringing lyricism and expert production together in creating music that just radiates fun.

The creation of ‘Nicotine’ saw NORA link up with acclaimed breakthrough producer Chelsea Warner (Vetta Borne, Liyah Knight, Urthboy), who produced and mixed the record in Sydney. Written in 2021, ‘Nicotine’ brought NORA and Warner closer together, as their professional dynamic bloomed during the course of the recording of the track.

“I wrote this song back in 2021’s lockdown, during which I spent at least an hour every day at my piano, writing music. It was a really positive outlet in what was, for all of us, a pretty grim time. Chelsea Warner and I first had a session on the song over Zoom in late 2021, and then revisited it in mid-2022, having let it sit for a few months.

We work really closely and bounce ideas off each other really well; the last few sessions in her Marrickville studio, we spent perfecting the layers to make sure it had that momentum from start to finish, while still resonating with the sadder themes.”

On the thematic content of ‘Nicotine’, while the music and arrangement of the track lends itself to some dreamy pop soundscapes, the lyrical content alludes to the darker sides and complexities of relationships. As NORA explains, ‘Nicotine’ balances both moods.

“I’ve really focused over the last couple of years in building a catalogue of upbeat pop songs with personal lyrics that will both have you grooving along and maybe shedding a tear or two. I’ve tried to combine catchy hooks to create a really driven pop song that has deeper meaning, with an emphasis on creating a groove you can move your feet to.

‘Nicotine’ specifically explores the toxic nature of a relationship that you’re addicted to, and the negative emotions that it brings out, such as jealousy. It has a slightly dreamier, synth-y quality than some of my other songs, but has that classic pop drive when the bass hits in the chorus.” NORA

To celebrate the launch of ‘Nicotine’, NORA will be performing her first headline show at The Royal Bondi in Sydney.


Thursday 9 March The Royal Bondi Sydney, NSW
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