Set Mo release club-ready single ‘Second Line’ ft. Sumner

Dance music icons Set Mo today unveil an exciting year ahead, announcing their anticipated sophomore album ‘Flux’, set for release April 21st. Defined by expert production, euphoric beats and guest features, it solidifies the new era for the duo, kicking it off with the new single ‘Second Line’ ft. Sumner.

Continuing their undeniable run of stellar hits that have soundtracked Sydney clubs for the past 10 years, Set Mo share their latest single ‘Second Line’. Swaying between ethereal dance-pop and a grungier iridescence, they combine rounded pulsing bass with sharp percussion, overlaying entrancing vocals of Tasmanian based Sumner.

Underpinning the song is an emotional weight as Set Mo channel their experience of loss in 2019 to celebrate the lives of those not with them anymore. 

“This is a song about loss. We both lost significant people in our lives in 2019 and wanted to write something that paid respect to them and what they meant to us. We actually wrote a few different songs to try and convey this message but that all ended up feeling a bit too sad and down. We wanted to write some bold and confident that was more a celebration of their lives instead of mourning it.”Set Mo

Off the back of their recent Fat Boy Slim stadium support, ‘Second Line’ ft Sumner is the latest release that continues mapping this new evolution of Set Mo.

Following on from previous singles released in 2022, ‘Out My Mind’ Ft. Jess Kent, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Something to Dream On’, these high calibre releases culminate to their new album ‘Flux’, that stands to be an important career and creative milestone for Sydney based producers Nick Turner and Stu Drabble.

“This album first started taking shape at the end of 2019, after 2 years of monumental shifts in the world of Set Mo and also Stu and Nick personally…In a nutshell this album is about change; how it affects us, how often we have no control or say in shifts in our lives but how we do have control over how we respond to it. Each track explores a more specific aspect of this.”Set Mo

Known for crafting dance-ready hits that evoke euphoria, catharsis and a lust for life, Set Mo are one of Australia’s most consistent and successful modern day music acts. With every release they transport listeners to dance floors undulating with rattling bass and the addictive hazy strobes of a club.

Emerging from the once thriving Kings Cross district, 2023 marks 11 years of Set Mo slinging their signature electro-house sound.

Leading a decade-defining sound, they’ve grown to become one of Australia’s signature dance acts, boasting 150+ million streams, sold-out national tours and festival slots at Splendour In The Grass, Listen Out, Beyond The Valley and even collaborating with global brands like Armani, Dior, Ksubi & Acne.

Further proof of their status as a cherished household name is their eye-watering resume with platinum-accredited single (‘I Belong Here’) and multiple gold-accredited singles (‘White Dress’, ‘See Right Through Me’). Beyond this, consistent triple j high rotation and even having the approval from musical pioneer Brian Eno (Coldplay, David Bowie, U2) has proven in spades that Set Mo is an act amongst electronica’s upper echelon.

Set Mo have emerged after the quiet disconnect of the past 3 years hungrier than ever. When they’re not releasing new music at break-neck speeds, they’re playing clubs across the country without rest. This new era of Set Mo is charged with a crackling electricity of a need, not want, for music in their lives.