beehive digi: the top three tips you need to know

Liz, our head of Digital Marketing breaks down three key updates happening in the digital world right now and offers some tips on how you can keep your own buzz strong! There are so many updates and changes it’s often hard to keep track of – so this quick roundup is perfect reading length to length to get the buzz.

YouTube Is Playing Catch Up

YouTube have been upgrading its platform with the introduction of and focus on YouTube Shorts to keep up with TikTok and Instagram Reels. In its latest bid to join the social party comes the announcement of handles and “Human-Readable URLs” for every channel. NGL, we’ve been waiting for this moment for about 10 years! 

TikTok’s New Summit

TikTok For You Summit – the company’s first Upfront event – held on Wednesday 12th October saw the launch of TikTok Pulse.

Arguably the market leader in consumer marketing and engagement, TikTok have created Pulse as an offering that will allow brands to place ads after the top content within a specified category, facilitating their exposure to target communities. Definitely an avenue for artists to use for tour and release promo! 

The Hot Tip: BeReal, But Also, Be Real!

We’ve had a blast these past few months running tour ads for Slowly Slowly, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers and release ads for Tash Sultana, I Prevail, Sampa The Great and Architects (to name just a few!)

The biggest tip I can give to an artist when creating content is be as real as you can! We’re seeing huge success from ads and Reels that are a simple piece-to-camera or a selection of behind-the-scenes footage. Don’t feel you need to spend money on a huge production – your smart phone and some quick editing is enough.

Also, a friendly reminder not to edit and save your video from TikTok as the Meta (Facebook and Instagram) algorithm detects the TikTok watermark and it’ll significantly hinder your reach. If you have any questions, hit me up at