Floozy return with stunning new single ‘World’

Built upon a foundation of swirling electronics and dreamlike production, Melbourne duo Floozy release their new single – simply titled ‘World’.

Following on from a strong string of releases that have introduced listeners to a dynamic songwriting and production partnership between Leigh Dallimore and Andrea Hajenan, ‘World’ sees Floozy bring their artistry further into the electronic space as they blend crisp textures with their savvy grasp on pop arrangements and lyricism.

Written at the duo’s studio in Fitzroy North, ‘World’ saw Floozy collaborate with Xavier Dunn (Jack River) on co-production. As a standalone track, ‘World’ is lofty in its tone and presents an elevated facet of the already well-established songwriting power Dallimore and Hajenan harnessed on previous singles ‘Craving’ and ‘Sand Dunes’.

“Everyone knows the feeling of perfect escape; being fully washed away by a moment. In our writing sessions we talked about being lost in nature; walking some foreign back-street at night or dancing with a complete stranger, deep in the forest at a music festival. 

There’s a feeling of stillness, freedom and electrifying disconnect that leaves you blissfully empty, trying to remember who you were a moment earlier. A place you’re almost suspended in, where the heavy things suddenly seem faded and small. This moment is what we tried to encapsulate in ‘World’.”

Floozy – a project that has grown in strides during the pandemic – enter a brand new chapter with the release of a song like ‘World’. The track shows their boldness as musicians, unafraid of seeing where their influences take them. 

“The track is a little harder hitting than our other singles to-date. We didn’t set out to make an electronic dance banger but everything just gravitated in that direction naturally. We remember feeling really confused and laughing together at the direction we were heading in with ‘World’. We also remember feeling super stoked as it was new, exciting territory for us. 

The song also comes with a message close to both of us: even in the midst of all of life’s ups and downs, don’t forget it’s only as serious as you give it power to be. Remember the playfulness and lightness that’s always there, moving along with you.”