Looking Back: The Hive’s BIGSOUND Memories

The beehive team have gone into the archives to dig up some of their fave memories from being at BIGSOUND over the years! If you’re like Dan (pictured), those memories largely revolve around the sick live music that can be discovered at the festival – or in his case, performing there himself!

For our Great Gats-bee, being able to showcase at BIGSOUND in 2016 was a pure highlight, at a Brisbane institution no less.

“Showcasing at Crowbar Brisbane in 2016 (RIP) with my old band Columbus, we got to play with so many friends on this lineup, including Ceres & Totally Unicorn!”

For the Honeymaker, Sose, BIGSOUND has been a place where she cut her teeth as an interviewer and eventually, panellist and keynote speaker.

“BIGSOUND has always been a place to meet and connect with plenty of amazing folks and musicians. My first proper BIGSOUND I worked, I was interviewing bands and got some great material and friends out of it that week. Pictured with Tom and Grant from CERES in 2016.”

Liz, beehive’s Head Of Social Buzz, is a Brisbane local! BIGSOUND is like a big school reunion, and it’s the connections and reunions that have stood out to her over the years.

“Aside from the panels and the fun of the showcases, the vibe when you step foot into the Valley Mall on the first day is like nothing else! Running into your industry besties is just the best. Here’s me with Em from JC Entertainment!”

Electric Fields image courtesy of STACK.

Lady Bee Jade remembers music discovery fondly, it is after all, why so many of us return to BIGSOUND year after year!

“Hands down, it’s gotta be Electric Fields in 2019. The room was awash with love and pure joy for this incredible live act.”  

And for our Queen Bee Sammie, a fond BIGSOUND memory has to be in the reconnection with friends and colleagues, becoming inspired for the rest of the year ahead. Working in music is a chaotic time, but surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals makes everyone work smarter, better and harder!

“One of the rare times I’m the tallest! Blue jeans, black jackets and black kicks for the 2018 closing party with Poppy Reid & Uppy Chatterjee.”