Beehive Digi: The Quick 3

Liz, our head of Digital Marketing breaks down 3 key things happening in the digital world right now. There are so many updates and changes it’s often hard to keep track of – so this quick roundup is perfect reading length to length to get the buzz.

PSA: Ad Standard Community

Fwoar – the Ad Standards Community is always watching! This is your reminder that if you’re doing a paid post, or if you’re posting about something in return for freebies, remember to use your #ad and #sponsored hashtags and mark the post as a paid partnership. 

Global Ballooning Australia have joined Thermomix and Cignette alongside a host of influencers for breaching ad standards for not following the rules with influencer marketing. 

Launch of Snapchat+

ICYMI, Snapchat+ launched in late June, which enables Snap users to pay $3.99 per month to access a range of add-on elements including variable app icons, new data insights and the capacity to pin a user in the app as ‘your #1 best friend’.

The latest addition to the once-only-used-for-n00dz platform is ’Priority Story Replies’, which makes your replies more visible to Snap Stars as part of the + platform. 

A new Apple x Meta relationship?

Apple and Meta are rumoured to be working on a release that will introduce reality headsets into personal computing. But would you spend the expected $800 price tag!? We’re not sold… yet!