Beehive Digi: The Quick 3

 Liz, our head of Digital Marketing breaks down 3 key things happening in the digital world right now. There are so many updates and changes it’s often hard to keep track of – so this quick roundup is perfect reading length to length to get the buzz.

Google’s ‘All In’ and Meta launches Reels API

Google uses Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to launch its playbook for designing accessible marketing, expanding its tool kit, All In. This will see Google lead the way for inclusive marketing, representing all voices in a marketing output. 

Meta has announced the launch of its Reels API, allowing third party access to platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social. Acknowledging the need to schedule Reel posts and drill into diner analytics, Meta has stated “After consistently hearing from our developer community that Reels is a top priority, we are excited to introduce Reels to a number of the endpoints that you may already be familiar with.”

Living and Breathing Metaverse

If you feel Facebook and Instagram are a rabbit holes for your attention, it’s about to suck you in even further! Meta has announced its artificial intelligence (AI) researchers and audio specialists from its Reality Labs team, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Texas at Austin are developing sounds that emulate the natural world around us.

Meta states these sounds “are designed to push us toward a more immersive reality at a faster rate.” Which essentially means, Meta want us to live and breathe in the Metaverse and making it as close to reality as possible.