Perth’s RHY releases new single ‘For Real’ from forthcoming EP, Dumb Funk

Continuing to fly the flag for impressive fresh sounds coming out of the West Coast, Perth’s RHY announces his debut EP, DUMB FUNK, with the release of new single ‘For Real’.

The reveal of RHY’s new track comes off the back of two strong singles in 2021 – ‘Full Grown’, ‘Right In Front Of Me’, and ‘I Just Don’t Get It’ – establishing the young songwriter and producer as one to watch.

In 2022, RHY is powering forward with his fusion of indie, electronic and pop sensibilities; the DUMB FUNK EP is anything but, and music lovers will be able to experience it in full, come July 7th. ‘For Real’ is the perfect taster: for fans of Remi Wolf and The Jungle Giants, the track is vibrant, clever and full of charm.

Recorded at RHY’s home studio in Perth, ‘For Real’ was an early composition for what would become the DUMB FUNK EP and as he describes, can be heard as somewhat of a follow up track to ‘Full Grown’. Incorporating more R&B influences into the process, ‘For Real’ opened RHY up to a new realm of production creativity that ultimately elevated the final product.

“‘For Real’ was one of the first songs I produced on the EP but took much longer to work out lyrically, and I ended up writing it as a kind of follow-up to my debut single ‘Full Grown’. Where ‘Full Grown’ is about being oblivious to love, ‘For Real’ is about embracing it. I’m an overthinker through and through and that’s definitely expressed itself navigating a relationship.

The production on the track has mainly modern R&B influence, which isn’t what I normally go for but it kinda just happened that way. I was listening to a lot of Honne and Kaytranada around that time which seeped in a bit, I think.”