Beehive Digi: The Quick 3

Your Social Media Success is Free 

If you’re still paying for third party apps to analyse your Facebook and Instagram data, pull reports on your metrics and schedule posts, Meta could help you save on some serious overheads!

The new analytics platform gives you all the information you need to know at a glance, including charts on visitor counts, reach and follower growth, most engaging content pieces, top counties and cities and individuals post metrics. You can also schedule Facebook and Instagram posts from the creator studio! 

TikTok Artist Tip 

Be careful if you change your TikTok page to a business page! Switching to “business” means that your profile is then considered a commercial entity and you will be restricted on the sounds you’re able to use, which means you may have issues promoting your own music.

If you’ve done this already, don’t stress! You can switch back to creator mode at any time. For a little bit of context, restrictions to the sounds businesses can use is to protect your hard work – it means that commercial entities can’t use your music to promote its products without giving you some licensing dollars! 

Twitter Steps Up For Influencers

Not wanting to be left behind in the world of monetising content (which, let’s be honest, is not at all a new concept), Twitter have launched its new platform, Twitter Create. The minisite will house top tips, insights and examples on how creators can get the most out of Twitter and in turn, how every body can make some dollars!