Sametime release their fresh indie-pop offering ‘I’m Not Here For You’

Combining ethereal synth chords with a driving 808 beat, multi-instrumentalists SAMETIME are back with their latest indie-pop offering ‘I’m Not Here For You’. Starting out strong with the hook “Was I wrong to think we’re golden”, their new pop gem tells the story of going out and seeing an ex, the glances across the room, the mind games, the sexual tension and “all the good stuff” says the duo.

Sharing further inspiration behind the track, the Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam Aitken say “It’s kinda like you wanna show this person how good you’re doing without them when I want all your attention, they’re just bad intentions. We love to add little bits of bacteria as we call it, to the story in our songs, so if it’s a super bright upbeat sounding song, we add some sour lyrics. Throughout majority of ‘I’m Not Here For You’ it’s very much a “f**k you for breaking my heart, now look how well I’m doing” but at the end there is doubt about how you’re actually feeling.” SAMETIME

Aimed squarely at the dancefloor, ‘I’m Not Here For You’ is an uplifting vibed-pack blend of pure pop and synth stabs. Like with their previous single ‘Bitter Taste’, the duo wrote the song over zoom and enlisted their friend and collaborator Glades (Nicole Millar, Thomston, Baynk) who is based in Sydney and has achieved an incredible 200 million plus streams to his name. The track was mastered by Bruno Gruel (French Audio Village).

“We were always a little nervous about writing and recording over a zoom call but something clicked, it felt natural and easy with Cam. We wrote a bunch of songs over the next few weeks which led us to kind of forget about ‘I’m Not Here For You’ because we were so excited with all the new songs.

We then sat down to discuss releasing and we felt like ‘I’m Not Here For You’ would be a sick song to release after the last song ‘Bitter Taste’. We then recorded all the final vocals in our little studio here on the Sunshine Coast and sent them to Cam in Sydney where he finished all the production and mixing of the song before sending it off to France to get mastered by Bruno Gruel.” SAMETIME

A testament to their creativity, the duo created a visualizer for ‘I’m Not Here For You’ which was shot and edited at their home using nothing but white bed sheets and smart LED lights from Kmart! “​​It was a pretty dodgy set up. We hung the sheets up using clear thumb tacks, poking a fair few holes into the ceiling of our family home (sorry mum). We then just danced around in this tunnel of bed sheets changing the lights as we went, hoping that it would look cool. When it came to editing the video, Sam watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to get the desired effects they wanted and kinda just spliced it all together and ta-da!”

SAMETIME have spent the last 10 years developing a reputation as one of the Sunshine Coast`s hardest working acts. They’ve accumulated over 500,000 streams on Spotify, played Suncorp Stadium’s halftime show, as well as played the Caloundra Music Festival and Byron Bay Blues Festival multiple times. In 2017 the brothers signed a long term publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing. Last year they also signed a deal with Melbourne based boutique booking agency Four Tone, home to other acclaimed artists: Cry Club, Debbies, Didirri, Greta Stanley, Hooligan Hefs, & The VANNS.

SAMETIME are also prolific songwriters and are currently writing with Brisbane’s Asha Jefferies and Sunshine Coast band Sailing in Space. The brothers also have their own label Duckfeet Records which allows them to step out of the artist’s shoes and into A&R land.

“It’s exciting to be able to help other up and coming artists in QLD with all the things that we struggled with when we first started. Our plan is to make Duckfeet Records a force in the industry with a roster of artists that people get jelly over.”