Maia Toakley hollers from her heart in latest single ‘Paralysed’

Sydney singer-songwriter Maia Toakley taps into her own brand of utterly captivating folk-rock for a faultless delivery in sophomore single ‘Paralysed’.

Albeit built around deft guitar work and captivating drums, it is ultimately Maia’s stunning raw vocal performance that shines. Pulling aural influences from iconic front runners Angie McMahon, Courtney Barnett and Julia Jacklin, Maia Toakley adds her own husky enamour to the folk-rock arena.

In ‘Paralysed’, Maia turns her gaze inwards for a striking song exploring the disarming and emotional paralyzing power of self-doubt. Communicating a common feeling that pervades this generation, Maia provides an empowering take. The single plays with changing dynamics, like the ebb and flow of a tide, it builds and coalesces to burst forth with the most cathartic release of a chorus.

“Paralysed was and is a feeling I often encounter. However, this song was written in a time of clarity. A moment of self-empowerment where I refused to let doubt or overawe immobilise me any longer.

Sometimes these feelings of being paralysed can even make me question my love and intentions for music, when the truth is music has been the number one driver in my life since I can remember. I find peace in the fact that I now have Paralysed in my pocket as a reminder that I do truly want to let go.”
Maia Toakley

Despite the high level of refinement in the mix and master thanks to Dylan Adams (DMA’s, Little May, Skeggs, Clews) and mixed by Grammy Award winning William Bowden (Gotye, Spacey Jane, Carla Geneve) respectively, Maia brings it back to earth by keeping the humanising elements of her raw vocals.

The result is a highly personal yet easily relatable track that feels more like a comfort from a friend than a stranger, inviting self-examination through sublime storytelling.

“Paralysed has been played by me at many open mic nights but only during lockdown last year did I set my mind on getting it produced. I was able to get the talented Dylan Adams on board, and we recorded the song in his Coogee studio.”
Maia Toakley

Maia Toakley is the next generation of powerful vocalists – her voice possessing that utterly captivating and addictive quality that will have you waiting on the edge of your seat for her next release.