Jurassic drop vibrant, riff-driven new single ‘Seeker’; announce debut EP ‘Stolen Time’

Having battled through long restrictions, a lack of shows & overwhelming frustrations, Jurassic today are ecstatic to release their vibrant, driving, feel-good new single ‘Seeker’. Additionally, ‘Seeker’ marks the announcement of the band’s debut EP ‘Stolen Time’, set to be released on Tuesday, May 10th.

The riffy, thrashy new track channels defiant lyricism and acts as a smack in the face of the adversity the band has faced over the past two years. Now freer than ever and with a newfound creative lease & musical motivation, the band penned the track to act as a fresh beginning – a constant reminder to keep searching for the positive & to keep their head in the clouds.
Recording out of Hole & Corners Studio in South Melbourne, the band linked up with renowned producer Jon Grace (Dune Rats, Dear Seattle, Kingswood) again to record the track and subsequent EP, finding themselves energized to write, create & record after a prolonged absence that saw days, weeks & months inside for all Melbournites. Mastered by Samuel K Sproul (Eliza & The Delusionals, Japanese Wallpaper, TOWNS), the Melbourne local provided the finishing touch & polish to the track.

 “Seeker is inspired by dealing with mental and physical health issues. It’s about self acceptance and embracing all parts of yourself; even the challenging ones. I know it sounds deep, but the reality is I wrote the chorus when I was driving to pick up some Noodle Box for dinner! I reckon driving is one of the best times to come up with ideas. Also whilst eating noodles. They help too.” Robbie Jamieson, Jurassic
We recorded this EP in stages between lockdowns, bandmates getting COVID and all kinds of madness but managed to pull it together finally. We’re so stoked to be able to get our debut EP out to the world. Some of these tracks were written years ago so it’s been a long time coming. We had plenty of time in between studio sessions to hone in and perfect our parts. There were many a voice memo traded between each other of various vocal lines or guitar solos etc. There must have been hundreds of the bloody things!” Robbie Jamieson, Jurassic

Melbourne’s Jurassic are an act that continues to grow and prosper, with the band emerging as one to watch within the guitar-laden scene of Victoria.

Having shared stages with Loser, Private Function FANGZ previously, the band have seen support begin to grow, with Spotify support on playlist ‘Local Noise’ for last single ‘Consider’, as well as air-time on triple j’s ‘Short. Fast. Loud’ & positive reviews from Declan Bryne of Australian music show ‘Home & Hosed’.

This additionally caught the attention of Australian label Domestic La La (Dear Seattle, West Thebarton, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers) who highlighted the band across their ‘Catch Of The Week’ segment.