Prolific Perth songwriter Romeo Walker releases debut album ‘The Shape Up’

Following the release of singles ‘Mood’‘Transformer’ ‘Ketchup’, as well as SOLD OUT performances across Perth, Romeo Walker is today releasing his debut album ‘The Shape Up’ in collaboration with Tone City Recordings.

A collection of eight tracks that twist, weave and meander their way across Romeo Walker’s (Benjamin Witt ex-The Chemist POND, Empire of The Sun Meg Mac collaborator) nuanced palette of experimental rock, led by his grooving & luscious guitar lines beneath the postulations of his mind. Highlighting flavours from afro-cuban inspired percussion, ethio-jazz & trappings of electronic music, Romeo Walker has created a “film noir” sonicscape that establishes a defining introduction to his creative universe.

Opening track ‘Kanguru’ performs as an immediate establishment of motifs, licks & inspirations found throughout the record. Singles ‘Transformer’, ‘Ketchup’ ‘Mood’ follow to continue traversing listeners’ interests across the entire spectrum of Romeo Walker’s creative psyche. 

‘Springtime of Mind’ is an unforeseen, yet breathtaking incorporation of avant-garde string compositions that adds another notch to Romeo Walker’s innovative pedigree. Low-fi & temperate, ‘Everlasting’ closes out the record with an unassuming warmth, allowing listeners to reflect on the odyssey Walker has carried them through.

“The Shape Up” is a sonic gumbo informed by experimental music, ethio-jazz, afro-cuban music, indie rock, hip hop and electronic music. It’s a late night record with a film noir atmosphere, set in space where aliens bump it in second hand intergalactic Ford Lazers.” Romeo Walker

“Without premeditation, there are loose themes around keeping a diamond in the mind through both timeless and modern confusion, walking on quicksand in a way that you don’t submerge, knowing what should be water off a duck’s back, knowing that sometimes the answer is to shut up and play your metaphorical guitar and knowing you’ve got to surf the wave you’re on. The record is ultimately about style, like how Bukowski spoke of style, “it’s a fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing.” Romeo Walker

Having shared connections with a multitude of artists over an already illustrious career, Romeo Walker rejoined close friend & producer Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May) to record his debut album & sonic inauguration, ‘The Shape Up’.

The record and precluding singles were composed south of Perth, WA, allowing Walker to clear his mind of distractions; spending the evenings cooking, composing & recording. On return to the city, he joined Sam Ford at Tone City Recording and re-recorded the final iterations of the tracks. Unbridled authenticity flows throughout the record, made solely to satisfy Romeo Walker’s impulse to compose & create.

“The record was composed and the demos were recorded whilst I was living alone in Dawesville, about 90km south of Perth. I didn’t really know anyone nearby, so I was free from distraction. My nights consisted of cooking, & recording. I then re-recorded the songs at Tone City with one of my best buds, Sam Ford (engineer/co-producer), over a two week party. We then caught up when we could to finish off the mixes etc, this epoch is known as “the slog”. It’s a record made without any purpose other than satisfying the impulse to create. We only had one disagreement over the process & Ford wears it in blue, around his right eye.” Romeo Walker

Romeo Walker sees acclaimed Australian musician Benjamin Witt return with a collection of new songs & a further development of his exploratory approach to music. Renowned for initial work in The Chemist & two solo LPs (touring with Methyl Ethel The Drones), demand for his studio prowess led to Pond, Empire of The Sun & Meg Mac, all seeking collaboration.