JNR.’s explosive debut single ‘Remember’: A hopeful song for a confused generation

jnr. have well and truly snatched the spotlight with fiery debut single ‘Remember’.

Crackling with energy, this trio of Sydney based musicians and producers have brought a fresh sound to the Australian music scene by channeling electrifying indie-pop.

Distorted and playful vocals adorn refined and rhythmic pop production, creating a supremely catchy tune that is reminiscent of iconic front runners 1975, LANY, and No Rome.

jnr. is made up of Ben Siva, Nico Scali and Max Jacobs who have been writing music together for close to 10 years. Between writing, producing and performing themselves, they have been involved in a wide variety of talent such as Loretta, Khaled, Chris Lanzon, SADBOii and Rageflower just to name a few.

It was only in 2020 that they pivoted their attention toward a singular focussed project. The result: a collection of pop production tracks adorned with earnest and self-reflective lyrics. The first of which is sampled in ‘Remember’. By taking the time to hone their skill and synchronicity as a band, their future as unique players in the Aussie pop landscape is incredibly exciting.

“This single features a complex underpinning in the lyricism – offering a tension in the push-pull dynamic between bright pop sounds that reveal a darker experience. This space of uncertainty is where lead singer Ben says his artistry flourishes, “‘remember’ deals with grief, nostalgia, and the moment you are forced to put yourself in your parent’s shoes. I think anyone can relate to wanting to remember someone or something from their childhood, but the song has a deeper meaning for me. I’m always drawn to darker lyrical themes and uplifting instrumentals – that push and pull always attracted me to some of my favourite artists.” Ben Siva, jnr.

The accompanying visualiser explores this space of darker uncertainty. Feeling more like a fever dream than a music video, a retro TV flickers on static whilst pulsating lights and pacing strangers in the background add a layer of surrealism. This, coupled with the unique effects and experimental visual production is a really special addition to already a fantastic song.