Beehive Tips: Does Instagram Aesthetic Matter?

For this month’s Beehive Tips, Liz breaks down how it can be healthy to keep up your Instagram, and how you can use it to amplify your own presence online. Instagram (and social media) is a great way for us to help promote your brand as part of our digital publicity campaigns, but we know a lot of it will ultimately come down to how comfortable you are with using it!

Read on below for some quick pointers from Liz, as she details how personality is key.

One of the questions we get a lot is “does my instagram aesthetic matter?”

First thing’s first – you have to be comfortable with what you post on your channels. We tell artists to treat Instagram like an outfit – don’t leave the house dressed for anyone but you and for your own comfort. You like how you feel? Strut it! Having said that, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when releasing and gaining media attention. Here’s our top 3 tips!

Dress for success

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself on social media. When pitching a song to radio – or any media outlet for that matter – the first thing the presenter or writer does is look at your Instagram, followed by your Spotify, triple j Unearthed page and probably your other social channels if they have time.

You want them to get a decent snapshot of who you are as an artist without having to scroll too far. When we go for a job interview, we dress for success. When you’re releasing new music you don’t necessarily have to adhere to a colour scheme, but consider the theme of your release – whether it’s the promo images or the video – and try and shape your Instagram around that as an overarching theme. 

Keep it real 

Let your personality shine and bring people into your world. This is where comfort zone comes into play – if you aren’t comfortable showing too much of your personal world, that’s okay. Opening the door to the studio or taking people backstage at a show through Instagram is enough of a showcase of your world to pique people’s interest.

Give ‘em the goods!

We recommend you post a video at least every 6 posts. When people visit your profile they see 6 tiles immediately. If one post has a play button, you better believe that’ll be the first one to be clicked! Again, we don’t want to make people scroll too far to see the good stuff. Whether it’s a quick cover (consider posting as Reel), an acoustic version of your song or a live snippet, give people a little taste of what you do best. 

All in all, you want your Instagram feed to showcase the best bits of you as an artist, get fans interested and do your best to make sure that when a media person lands on your page, they just have to get on board!

If you have any questions, hit up our Head of Digital Buzz, Liz on :).