AYLA entrances upon return for 2021, unleashing self-empowerment anthem ‘Ride Along’

Today, alt-pop maverick AYLA unleashes another dose of vibrant, shape-shifting music with her new single ‘Ride Along’, and announces signing to Ego Records (Italy) for the international release.

Produced by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music) and Sam Thomlison (Oh My My, Bad Pony), mixed by Peter Holz (Peking Duk, Gang Of Youths) ‘Ride Along’ sees the young singer step into her own, delivering a commanding anthem of self-empowerment.The release follows a strong bout of releases through 2020, including the Reuben Styles (Peking Duk) co-written and produced ‘Go Slow’, which promptly reminded audiences and industry alike of Ayla’s striking blend of delicate yet potent pop. 

Powered by insatiable rhythms and hypnotic vocals, ‘Ride Along’ is AYLA operating with a refreshed sense of confidence firmly engaged. The song itself is a rousing pop number that encourages taking a path of your own instead of one that is dictated by others.

“’Ride Along’ is about not sitting back and being walked over anymore – not just going along with what people expect of you, but taking a stand and making things happen for yourself, and in your own way. I think a lot of people expect life has to go a certain way – get a job, get married, have kids etc – but I think we can do things in whichever order we want, as well as leave behind or add in anything that might have once seemed unconventional. 

It’s also easy to get stuck in a cycle of doing what other people expect of you. I think I’ve especially found that with my music career, as it is a different kind of path to take, so I didn’t really have any set guidelines and found myself leaning too heavily on what others thought I should do. I feel like this song and project marks the start of a new era where I’m doing what I want to do with my music. “

AYLA first achieved breakthrough success in Australia back in 2014 with the release of her debut single ‘Wish I Was’, which became the 14th most played song on triple j that year, as well as being the most played by a female artist. The success of ‘Wish I Was’ led to a covered Like A Version session, playing a roster of highly regarded festivals and playing with some of Australia’s most acclaimed acts.

National and international attention came quickly, bolstered by the release of two EPs and a series of high-rotation singles that would cement her as an artist who had the talent to survive beyond any initial period of buzz.

As part of AYLA’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Ride Along’ follows her previous releases ‘Go Slow’ and ‘Manic’ in demonstrating the artist’s veer into new sonic and creative directions. ‘Ride Along’ in particular, has already had life breathed into it internationally, with a remix version by UK duo SUPER-Hi being distributed in Europe through Italian label EGO earlier this month (November 12).

The release of the official studio version however, brings AYLA back to the forefront of the minds of fans at home – a defining moment for the artist, who is looking at a busy first half of 2022 when it comes to new music.

“2022 will be the year of releasing my debut album. It’s been on a bit of a hold with the producer (Sam Thomlinson) living in Sydney, and my preference for working together in the room. We’re booked in to get together again in December though, to finish off the last few songs on the album!”