Alt-Rock PENI PARKER Explosive Debut Single ‘DESTROYHER’

PENI PARKER is explosive, unapologetic and exactly what the Australian Rock Scene needs right now. Anarcha-femme punk collides with alternative rock for debut single DESTROYHER. 
The strength and the ferocity of PENI PARKER’s lyrics are a plea for change. Featuring addictive, dark and crunchy guitar riffs with dramatic and transcendent vocals, listeners can tap into the power that PENI PARKER effortlessly exudes.
Inspired by the audacious stylings of Joan Jett and My Chemical Romance, DESTROYHER features explosive power-packed vocals, under which a gargantuan passage of deeply layered punchy instrumentation guides the track. This is a world-class debut.

PENI PARKER doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations. Speaking of this, she says “I was so angry when I wrote DESTROYHER. It’s a frustrated cry for action. Exploring the emotional rollercoaster that is having a narcissist in your life. We all have things that we need to work on, DESTROYHER is a plea for self-reflection and accountability.”
PENI PARKER has finally burst onto the stage after smouldering in the creative crucible for the past few years. After a difficult couple of years trying to bring this project to fruition, it has emerged as a solo project with hopes to morph into something more collaborative.  PENI PARKER says “I started writing with some incredible UK creatives and found the right click. My producer Kieron Pepper has zoom-guided me through covid to work on my sound and the boys from Crashface kindly jumped on the track to help out with instrumentation.”
Not only sonically exceptional and lyrically profound, but PENI PARKER’s aesthetic is iconic and tastefully curated. With aesthetics and sampling rife with pop-culture references, she is a distillation of the millennial consciousness, while also reviving the fearlessly rebellious attitude of 80’s and 90’s female rockers. This is most evident in the accompanying music video for ‘DESTROYHER’.

Featuring a PENI PARKER physically bound in chains, she gently pulls the viewer into the turbulent narrative, torn between trying to help someone but also the damage it causes. From there, DIY cuts of strobes and dramatic anime fight scenes perfectly complement the intensity of the vocals.
PENI PARKER’s live debut is not one to miss. Between being sponsored by Fireball and featuring guest live artist Alice Glascott (little Art), PENI PARKER will undoubtedly transform the warehouse at Innkeeper studios into an alt-rock 90s anarchy and Vivian Westwood inspired spectacle.
“It’s a much needed release after all the lockdowns, my light at the end of the tunnel to hyper-fixate on, introducing PENI PARKER to the world as loud and extra as possible.” PENI PARKER


Friday 3rd December at Innkeeper Studios, Sydney
With Alice Glascott, sponsored by Fireball